Liked Bass Dogs? Well, Here’s Slug Solos

Bass dogs, in which our favorite keepers of the low end were Photoshopped to look like they were tickling dogs, was my favorite type of stupid. It was hysterical yet poignant. After all, aren’t we all rubbing our fingers on a canine on some metaphorical level?


Well, that Tumblr’s genius creator is back with Slug Solos. And once again he’s dead on mark. That dumbass “guitar face” that guitarists make when bending the unwound strings up a step makes them look like we’ve been holding something utterly disgusting, but have only just now become aware of it. So now you have extra ammo when making fun of your band’s lead shredder, or yourself. Here’s some of my favorite picks:


Poor Eddie. It looks like the only “Eruption” you’ll feel is slug guts in your mouth, incoming in 3… 2…


The artist formerly known as “Clean” is going to need another shower, asap.


Bruce was born to run alright, away from that slimy beast.


This one may be my favorite. I love you, B.B. King. It looks like you just pulled that slug out of your pants.

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