Exclusive Playthrough: More-ential Sound Roar from Torrential Downpour

Yes! I’ve been dying to host a vocal playthrough video for a while, and I’d been hoping to work with a band on a keyboard playthrough. While this is more the former than the latter, Torrential Downpour vocalist PrKr triggers plenty of noisy synthy freakout boxes as he destroys his vocal chords.


Sitting below that omnipresent Shure SM7B microphone are a Roland SP-404SX Linear Wave Sampler and a couple of Korg Kaoss Pads. If your sole familiarity with Kaoss is the final boss of the first Final Fantasy, the Kaoss Pad family of devices allow you to generate or manipulate sounds (usually of the cacophonous variety) by moving your finger around a touch pad. The X and Y axises are each assigned a variable, so your shifting position on the two-dimensional plane essentially tweaks multiple “knobs” at once. Of course that’s the basic idea boiled down, but all of Korg’s units have far more functionality. PrKr is using a Kaossilator Pro on his left and a Kaoss Pad KP3 on his right.

Truth Knowledge Vision can be bestowed upon you by scaling the mountains of Bandcamp, Amazon, or iTunes. You can hear a full stream of the LP below.

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  • And of course my gearnut head wonders what the unnamed pedal is… Seems like a filter maybe?

    {Edit} Or maybe a Delay/Reverb?

    • its a boss ps3 digital delay pitch shifter pedal

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