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Produce Like a Pro's Warren Huart proves that you can mos def ball on a budget.

Vintage King Takes a Closer Look at the Microphone Legend

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Featuring a fairly unconventional placement for a Shure SM7B.

The Audiohammer Recording/Mixing Engineer (and frequent collaborator on our CreativeLive tutorial co-ventures) gives you the low down on three small-diaphragm

We spoke to the Gojira guitarist/vocalist about his hard-to-duplicate vocal delivery, guitar rig, and the band's cab sim secret weapon.

A spin on the usual Rigged format. Today, we enter the studio to see how the guitar tone on The

A better look at the vocal tracking process this time, for the band's new record Phenomena

A look at the band's tracking sessions for next year's record.

A video detailing his incredibly complex kit setup. He can't possibly have this layout memorized, right?