Exclusive: Within the Studio with Within the Ruins pt II

When we last entered the studio with Within the Ruins, the width of coverage was whittled to watching guitarist Joe Cocchi wax on about the tracking process in general, and we got some re-amping footage in the process. But with a three to four minute running time, Within the Ruins lacked the wherewithal to cram the entire narrative into so short a feature.


Let’s praise the episodic format, then. This week we get a real look at Tim Goergen’s vocal sessions, glimpsed only in passing shots previously. That was indeed a Telefunkin AK-47 tube mic he’s spitting bits of his larynx into. Nice to see some variety, since most times lately when I see a metal band recording a throat shredder he or she is expunging those neck organs into a Shure SM7B. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a fine microphone, and I’m sure the $350 price tag is part of the reason why it’s become the mic of choice for home and project studios. Hell, even in the nicest facilities an SM7B will be the right choice regardless of what else fills the microphone lockers. But not all the time. So what’s up, Telefunkin? Your old-school M9/U47 Neumann-esque charm is a welcome wrinkle in the fold.

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  • I love my SM7b. I’ve worked with guys who will choose that over some Neumanns. They’ll use other really nice mics for drums and guitars, but for vocals, the SM7b seems to be choice at the moment.

    • Totally, it’s a great mic. And considering that it’s so much cheaper than pretty much any mic you’d use for vocals, it’s become completely ubiquitous. But just because it’s OFTEN one of the best mics for an aggressive vocalist, that doesn’t mean it always should be chosen. It often has to happen anyway because of budgets, but all I’m saying is that it’s nice to see a little variety.

      • Oh yeah for sure! Sorry for seeing this just now haha.

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