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There is no doubt that different types of art are intrinsically linked, and this is certainly the case with music and gaming. However, this may be something that you have not really noticed in that great detail. So, to shed some more light and focus On the heels of their newest single "White Sun" dropping late last year, we're thrilled to premiere this new dual guitar playthrough of the same proggy, tech-death track by midwest progressive metal act The World Is Quiet Here. We've covered TWIQH here before, and with good reason,

All types of people from all walks of life enjoy gambling. Still, something is intriguing about famous celebrities putting down money at the casino on games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, or even slots. What makes it such an enthralling topic? Is it the huge

Music memorabilia is a rather unique sector in entertainment, both due to the incredible sums of money that can be thrown around and how it’s inspired what are almost tiers to memorabilia items. Akin to sports memorabilia, but to a less accessible degree, fans and

There are invaluable benefits attached to online gaming. From building confidence, developing communication, and promoting teamwork, Australians all over the country love to game in their free time. To get the ultimate experience, there are certain essential elements of online gaming. One of them is