Watch LORNA SHORE’s Drummer Slam Through “King Ov Deception”

Lorna Shore‘s drumming might sound inhuman, but that’s because clearly drummer Austin Archey is a machine. Watch as Archey simply shreds through the band’s track “King Ov Deception” off Lorna Shore‘s recent Immortal album. Well, shreds for the most part – there are some breakdowns in there that are more of a bludgeon if anything.


“I’m proud to present my latest drum play-through for ‘King Ov Deception’,” said Archey. “A great group of people helped make this video happen, along with my sponsors for providing me with the best gear for me to be comfortable behind the drum kit. Enjoy!”

Archey’s gear is as follows, and Immortal is available here.


  • SJC Navigator Series Drums
  • SJC 20×18 Kick Drum
  • SJC 10×7 Rack Tom
  • SJC 12×8 Rack Tom
  • SJC 16×16 Floor Tom
  • SJC 13×7 SJC ‘Goliath’ Bell Brass Snare

Cymbals (left to right)

  • 18” Paiste PST8 Reflector Rock China
  • 14” Paiste Signature Hi Hats
  • 17” Paiste 900 Series Heavy Crash
  • 10” Paiste Signature Reflector Splash
  • 8” Paiste Alpha Splash
  • 19” Paiste 900 Series Heavy Crash
  • 22” Paiste Rude ‘Reign’ Ride
  • 18” Paiste Rude China

Other Gear

  • Axis AL-2 Longboard Double Pedals
  • Footblaster Drum Trigger System
  • Pro-Mark 5B Wood Tip Rebound Sticks
  • Shure 215 In Ear System
  • Evans Drumheads
  • Gibraltar Hardware
  • Vratim Drum Shoes
  • Drum Dots Dampening System

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