October 2013

The only thing terrifying is that people buy these guitars.

If you like charts then do we ever have the news post for you!

The man carries himself with a confidant swagger that makes me want to buy cigars and/or bourbon.

Forgive me if I get excited about some new options for bassists who prefer valves over solid-state.

Unfortunately the band doesn't cover mediocre '90s Rush songs like I had hoped.

Toontrack know that to hype things up a little Meshuggah goes a long way.

Pensado's Place does a lengthy interview regarding Andrews' production work

I guess he gets his workout on tour by just lifting the damn thing.

So, who wants to give up playing their instrument and take up huffing paint?

It's a bird! It's a band! It's - post-blackmetal weirdshit?

Visit relaxing studio in Switzerland, try to find reasons to get angry while sunbathing in mountainous paradise.

He's not satisfied with a mere 13 inches of signature hi-hats. He had to go longer.

I have to admit I spent a good 15 minutes clicking on various cymbals.

A one-man Obscura record? Yes, have some.

Who would win in a fight, Axe-FX or an Imperial Star Destroyer?