Okay, so this is actually pretty cool, dick jokes notwithstanding. Derek Roddy, the drum virtuoso often found behind the kit of Hate Eternal, Nile, Malevolent Creation, and numerous others (most recently Serpents Rise) has released a pair of hi-hats. It’s like a reversible belt that you can play death metal with. Apparently there’s been a 13″ model for a while, but insert your favorite innuendo (heh, insert…), because now it’s engorged by another inch.


The Menil Byzance Signature Serpents 14″ reversible hi-hat (and all of this obviously applies to the 13″ except the size) is essentially a bright rock/metal hat with a brilliant finish on top, and a dark, jazzy, quieter one if you flip it. Of course this means that, unlike most hi-hats, the bottom one isn’t thicker than the top, since there is no bottom. Hopefully the matched thickness won’t affect the tone negatively. But for a drummer who has to cover multiple styles of music on a budget, this sounds pretty great.

It also sounds pretty great in the video below. But hell, it’s a drum video featuring Derek Roddy, so you were going to watch it anyway.

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