Exclusive: Counterparts Playthrough Videos for “Compass” and “Witness”

Canadian hardcore metallurgists Counterparts have filmed a couple of playthrough videos for the tracks “Compass” and “Witness,” off of the band’s new album The Difference Between Hell And Home, and we at Gear Gods are happy to bring them to you. Think of all the bandwidth they saved you by including all three stringed musicians in a single video. That’s probably because of the stupidly low bandwidth caps Rogers offers north of the border. 60 gigs? Seriously?


Out of curiosity though, why does the bassist get his face in the video while the other two dudes are obscured? Is he just much more handsome? Because you don’t look it, buddy.



I kind of wish they had filmed the drummer, since he has some cool three over four stuff going on in “Compass.” But anyway, good stuff from these guys. Counterparts’ new album, The Difference Between Hell And Home, is out now on Victory Records.

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  • I fuckin’ love these 2 songs. Thk guys

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