Obscura Drummer Hannes Grossmann Crowdfunding a Solo Album

This seems to be the week for drummers and crowdfunding. First we had John Longstreth’s instructional DVD, and now Obsucra drummer Hannes Grossmann wants to make a solo record. From the sound of the video it’s essentially a new Obscura record, except with Grossmann performing every instrument except for vocals and leads. And you know what? That sounds pretty awesome.


The response seems pretty good so far. In fact, at the moment there’s 42 days left to go and he’s only a couple hundred Euros (what’s the exchange rate to dollars now, 50:1 or 70:1? I haven’t checked since the last financial apocalypse) short of the goal. Solo projects where one musician performs every instrument are always the most interesting, and let’s not ignore how this is essentially new Obscura in all but the name.

It’s unclear whether Grossmann handle all the tracking duties at his home studio, but I know that for a project studio it’s pretty legit, and the demos on the Indiegogo page sound great. So head over there if you want to support the album



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