Pro-Pain In-Studio Footage Looks Comfortable, Refreshing

I had completely forgotten that Pro-Pain were still a band. I owned Foul Taste Of Freedom back in 1872  or whenever the hell that was, but Jesus, these guys are up to their fourteenth album, The Final Revolution. It… kind of sounds the same. A little more modern, more metal, but yeah, it’s Pro-Pain.


Pro-Pain have recorded at the same studio in Switzerland, Little Creek,  for the last three albums. I cab see why. It has a frickin’ pool on the ceiling. Seriously, am I going to have to start reviewing swimming pools now? Because I will. There’s some other great gear at the place, but seriously. Studio. Roof. Pool.

The Final Revolution will be revolting on November 25th in Europe and December 3rd in the US, via SPV/Steamhammer.


Source: Blabbermouth

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