John Longstreth Tears It Up in Mexico

It’s John Longstreth week at Gear Gods, assuming your week is ten days long like ours is here at Gear Olympus. First we posted about the instructional DVD that the Gorguts/Origin/etc drummer is releasing. Now we’ll show you some footage to demonstrate why you would buy an instructional DVD from him in the first place.


Sick Drummer found some clinic footage, filmed this month in Mexico. The thing that impressed the hell out of me is all the hand alternation as he blasts away. I always knew that Longstreth was one of the most schooled and tasteful drummers in the scene, so I should have assumed that he’d have mastered that level of ambidextrous fluidity, but you really have to see it to appreciate it.

John Longstreth’s Indiegogo campaign is still going strong. If you want him to teach you all of these tricks so that you can attempt them and fail spectacularly, why not kick in a few bucks?

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