Grand Magus In-Studio Video Is Big on Names, Rhinestones

Sure, in-studio reports are a great way for fans to get a look at a band’s methodology, their process. Are they all work or all fun, confident or struggling, etc? And yeah, you can nerd out on the gear. But sometimes its the stupid human details that make them memorable, like how Grand Magus love to own instruments with their names on them.


The newly released bass video would otherwise be pretty useless, since there’s no footage of him playing the damn instrument and the only gear we get a look at is his Sandberg bass (what the hell is going on with the background image on Sandberg’s website by the way–It looks like a tequila ad) and a PC. The cameraman almost decides to give you a look at some MXR and Tech 21 pedals and then says, “nah, fuck it.” There’s also some weirdo cab but again he skips over it.

But I don’t care, because the entire time I couldn’t help but laugh at how the bass strap has his name, “FOX,” written in big ass letters with what looks to be a Rhinestone Nights Fashion Gun. Awesome.

Last month’s drum video is the polar opposite. Grand Magus’ drummer Ludwig Witt, who of course plays a Ludwig kit, aims his lens at every little inch of his drum setup, including a sweet ’70s Ludwig Supraphonic snare and some Paiste Signature cymbals which sound amazing but are about as durable as fabergé snowflakes.

Oh, and those overheads are Shure KSM mics, either the KSM27, KSM32, or KSM44.

Grand Magus’ new record won’t be out until next year, but you can pick up the current one, The Hunt

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