May 2015

Let's take a trip back in time, to the era of DayGlo

Get in here to learn how to make your breakdowns

Watch the former Megadeth drummer rock "Devil's Island."

Mark Michell's new website will focus on bass instruction.

Mount your steed and ride for the kingdom of KAMELOT!

I won't tell you what the model name is, but I'll say this: it doesn't have to put on the

Does your tone need a squeeze? Get one of these!

Easycore defenders - get in here, there's a poll too!

More POV-Go Pro footage from the Converge/All Pigs Must Die/Killer Be Killed drum hero.

Skynet is Kickstarting robots to control your studio's sound! Ahhhhhh!!!

From whence comes the force of dragons

The former Beyond Creation bassist is an absolute monster.

A sneak peek into the rigs of guitarists Mick Thomson and Jim Root.