KIESEL/CARVIN GUITARS Reissue X220, Introduce 7-String Version X227

Kiesel/Carvin Guitars has been around since 1946, which means they’ve lived through various eras, decades, styles, fashions – some more tasteful than others. The 90s were a garish time, one I can say I personally failed to navigate tastefully (as it was mostly my mother dressing me for the first half), and though some of the more outlandish guitars of that time have a certain kind of funky appeal, most were pointy DayGlo abominations that are best left to the pawn shop/incinerator.


Carvin guitars have come a very long way since then, with some great new shapes, killer new pickups, sexy as hell finishes, and serious quality control. But they’ve still got love for the throwback, and in the spirit of retro (holy crap is 90s retro? I am old as shit) they are not only reissuing their most 90s of shapes (the X220) AND releasing a brand new 7-string version, the X227.



It’s a bit of a departure from their very modern stuff as of late, but Carvin caters to a very wide audience, and this is a fun melding of neo and retro. If the blinding nineties is your thing, then this might be the axe for you!

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