Meet the DynaMount, the Mic Placement Robot Controlled By an App

There are a lot of things that people raise money for on Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing sites that are cool ideas maybe, but just not groundbreaking enough to warrant the money they are asking. Sometimes they get the money anyway, and the world gets another thing it doesn’t need, or at least not that badly.


The DynaMount is not such a Kickstarter. Everyone in the world can benefit from better guitar tone, from the poorest third world orphan to the president of the universe, and the DynaMount is going to make that happen.

The DynaMount is not the world’s first mic robot. I’m not even sure it’s the best. But it will be the first commercially available one, and if we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that the one that you can have gets the most use (much more so than the one that doesn’t exist or that you can’t borrow). And I can’t imagine needing anything more than what it seems to be offering, which is an app-controlled mic placement robot that can move back and forth, up and down, side to side, and tilt (depending on the model) for between $400-$700.

One of the best features of the app that controls this automaton intern replacement is that you can set preset placements and A/B them with a push of a button. Call up a preset and the mic goes exactly back where it was, and then go back and forth among any of the 6 presets you can store.

See it in action:

I know I personally use cab sims mainly because of the pain in the ass of miking a cab, not to mention lack of space, but if I had one of these, I might just go back to the real thing! I think pretty soon we’re going to see this in just about every studio on planet earth (and beyond – the president of the universe will likely be wanting one). Lucky for those studios, the project is already funded, and if you want one, now’s the time to get in on it because in 22 days you won’t be able to get an early bird discount!

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