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Anyone can hold down the low-end!

The opportunity to download his brain into yours is real

Good Apollo, Im Burning Star IV and I have no money.

It's kinda like augmented reality for your ears.

That sci-fi level of touchscreen glass is here

Sonarworks are going to help you get your sub-par listening environment on-point.

Out here flaunting a new HD version of their acclaimed Orion32 interface.

Members of Exodus, the Sword, Gorguts, and more weigh in.

Control your sheet music app or teleprompter app with this portable footswitch.

No text is spared Glenn Fricker's wit.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Other times, you get something awesome for free!

Skynet is Kickstarting robots to control your studio's sound! Ahhhhhh!!!

Turning the peanut gallery into peanut butter.