NAMM 2017

See, bass players get cool toys too sometimes.

Have a listen to this year's new compression and fuzz pedal units!

Plus a new acoustic preamp, and a compressor pedal that'll grab you by the monkey.

They've got a bunch of new stuff including a headless guitar model and fanned fret bass range.

The Alpha Omega pedal is two kinds of distortions in the one box.

Maaate, Ormsby now have a headless multiscale model.

Get touchy-feely and express yourself with this MIDI controller.

The unlamest synthesizer of all time gets a firmware facelift!

The "V" stands for "very, very excellent," I'm assuming.

The in-ear experts at Westone threw down some knowledge.

Jensen Loudspeakers have a sweet new line of neodymium magnet speakers for your cab. Have a listen.

It's kinda like augmented reality for your ears.

Mount this mic to just about anything!

That sci-fi level of touchscreen glass is here