NAMM 2017

Ruppert Musical Instruments have added this slick new DI tone station to their Basswitch series.

Multi-ratio tuners. Why didn't I think of that?

Sonarworks are going to help you get your sub-par listening environment on-point.

Because bassists deserve cool toys too. Sometimes.

The Cronus is a modern take on a timeless classic. It slays.

The NG2 gets a retro Vai-esque swirl and the D-Bird gets a Lamborghini style re-engineering.

It has the same scale length as an upright bass. Quad Damage powerup will cost extra though.

Be a good human: turn your old strings into jewelry and shit.

Try saying "buckeye burl bass" 5 times fast.

And you get a signature pickup, and you get a signature pickup, and

New practice amp range also includes a handy, little, Bluetooth enabled 'Fly' amp.

Stick Twirl: for people who can't stick twirl, now you can stick twirl.

Out on tour right now with Black Sabbath and Korn.