NAMM 2017 – BLACKSTAR ‘LT-ECHO’ Practice Amps

You might have a 100w tube head + quad box and scoff at the thought of ever playing a practice amp again. But much like in a taco commercial, you should realize that it’s not an either/or situation.


Keeping a solid practice amp on-hand might actually maximize your utility, son. And if you’re gonna get one, why not get one made by an actual amp company like Blackstar.

If you don’t have a practice amp in your living room… let me tell you it’s the shiznit. A close second might be a TV in the bathroom. I dunno tho, I haven’t done that one.

Anyway, head over to the Blackstar website, grab an LT-ECHO and join the lounge room strum club.

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Demigod Zeke studies marketing & economics and produces his friends’ disgusting slam bands.

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