Have They Improved on PERFECTION? The REVV Generator 120 MKIII Demo

Ohhhhh Caaanadaaaaaaa!


When our good friends over at Revv Amplification announced their new Generator 120 MKIII amp, we knew we had to get our mitts on one! The amp is the newest addition to Revv’s Generator series, and has all of the sick features we’ve come to expect from Revv. Even their G20 and D20 amps are a force to be reckoned with, so you KNOW the Generator 120 MKIII is gonna be good.

The Generator 120 MKIII has a TON going for it, including:

  • 4 revoiced channels of signature Revv tone: Purple (high-gain), Red, (high-gain), Blue (clean), and Green (crunch)
  • Revv’s iconic Purple and Red channels
  • Dual Master volume knobs
  • Per-channel 3-channel EQs
  • Global Presence and Depth knobs
  • Global Wide, Drive, and Aggression switches
  • Per-channel Bright switches
  • Fat and cut switches
  • Configurable/bypassable digital reverb and noise gate
  • Series effects loop
  • Stage-worthy Bluetooth and MIDI control capabilities
  • Built-in Two Notes IR loader technology with stereo XLR outputs
  • 6 customizable virtual cabinets selectable via the front panel (128 via MIDI)
  • Includes the Two Notes Twin Tracker stereo doubler, an equalizer, an enhancer, and more, all editable via Bluetooth
  • Switchable 4-/8-/16-ohm speaker jack
  • Easily accessible bias test and fuse
  • Patch mode to save up to 6 of your favorite amp settings

The Revv Generator 120 MKIII is currently retailing for $3,299 over on Sweetwater, so if you think it’s the amp for you (hint: it probably is), you can learn more about it and snag one here!

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