This Plugin RIPS! JST ToneForge JEFF LOOMIS

On our latest edition of Quality Control, we take a look at the brand new ToneForge Jeff Loomis plugin from Joey Sturgis Tones!


If you’re a fan of Jeff Loomis’ guitar tone, you are most likely going to lose your absolute gourd when you hear the sounds we were able to get out of his new signature JST plugin. That super-aggressive, ultra-mean, tight distorted guitar tone that makes its way onto everything he touches is now available at just the click of a mouse, and that alone is worth the price of admission. BUT the plugin also comes with a whole host of other useful features to help you shape your sound, like reverb and delay effects, a cab IR loader, and a section called Live Mode. Check it!

The plugin features:

  • Clean, Rhythm, and Lead Channels
  • Dual-Cab Mode
  • IR Loader
  • Built-In Compressor, Overdrive, Reverb, and Delay Pedals
  • Post-Processing EQ and Dynamics Settings
  • Live Mode Setting

Learn more about ToneForge Jeff Loomis and get your hands on it here!

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