November 2014

If you're looking to expand your mastery over the realm of digital recording, now is the opportunity to make a

It's a mess, but it's a fun mess!

In case you couldn't decide whether to spend your plugin budget on an EQ or a compressor.

Guitarists Corey Schaefer and Duane Conlon show how to play "13 Miles" while bassist Joe LoCasto breaks down his rig.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhye just wanna fly.

Fusing different kinds of metal with an iron, sounds pretty metal to me.

We caught up with Arkansas boys Devin Holt and Brett Campbell to talk guitar rigs.

How'd you like to mix some drums that Andy Sneap recorded? I thought so.

Trent Reznor is first in a new series from plugin manufacturer Soundtoys.

5 times it's okay to suck out loud.

You're on a roll with your shopping, so why not snare your fill of hits. Paradiddle.

Give em' something to step on and crush that isn't your hopes and dreams.