Toontrack Kicks Metal Month Up a Notch – New Superior Drummer METAL MACHINERY SDX Pack

The Andy Sneap Metal Machine expansion for EZDrummer was easily the most popular pack for making metal demos, but for serious metal production, most producers want to start with raw samples. Because as cool as it would be to have Andy Sneap mix your stuff, you want to have a distinct sound and the ability to start from (almost) scratch.


To that end, Toontrack released the Metal Machinery SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer yesterday, with all the raw samples from the Metal Machine sessions. This means you have the sounds recorded by Andy Sneap, but mixed by you. This allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity for full productions.

They’ve also released a companion MIDI pack of beats performed by Nick Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth/ex-Dimmu Borgir).

The SDX is available direct from Toontrack for $179, while the MIDI pack is $29.

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  • Sort of semantics, but Metal Machine was released before EZ 2 came out.

    • Good catch, now fixed.

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