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*intro to 2001: A Space Odyssey slowly playing"

Sonarworks are going to help you get your sub-par listening environment on-point.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Other times, you get something awesome for free!

Looking for the perfect amp sim for your modeling needs?

If you're looking to expand your mastery over the realm of digital recording, now is the opportunity to make a

In case you couldn't decide whether to spend your plugin budget on an EQ or a compressor.

How'd you like to mix some drums that Andy Sneap recorded? I thought so.

ToonTrack's Metal Month rolls on, and Ola's rollin' on the Rivers of Nihil.

A gift from the metal pantheon on high.

The Machine Head/Trivium/Napalm Death/etc. producer has his own expansion pack for EZ Drummer 2.

Shouldn't it be "Advanced Music Production Suite," grammatically speaking?

And in the process terrify you with whatever filter is on his face.