Year-End Amp Sim Roundup – EZMix 2 vs. Amplitube 3 CS/Mobile vs. BIAS Desktop

I got to try some really neat new stuff this year. From a Carvin TL70 to a Ibanez RGKP6 with a built in Kaoss pad to the VFE Focus pedal to the Chapman Guitars ML-1 and ML-2 and more. It’s my favorite thing to do, I put a lot of work into my reviews and it’s a super fun time.


One thing I got to try several of this year was amp modeling software. It seems like there are a lot of options for amp sims these days, and while that is a great thing for consumers to have that kind of variety, it can also be daunting if you don’t have the option of trying them yourself before you buy them. That’s why I’m happy to test them out for you and give you a demo of each, before you go and spend your hard earned yen.

So if you’re thinking of asking the Elf on the Shelf for some amp sim software for Krampusnacht, hopefully these demos will help you decide what best suits your needs, and which you think sounds the best. I personally think there is no best one, that you need to find the right sim for the job you need and that each of these has something unique to offer.

#1. EZMix 2 with Metal Guitar Gods 2 pack – full written review here.

This one is for no-frills instant awesome tone with minimal tweaking. Plug and play.

#2. Positive Grid BIAS Desktop plugin – full written review here.

This one is a tweaker’s dreamboat. Tweak every aspect of the amp, from tubes to transformers to (of course) bias.

#3. Amplitube 3 Custom Shop/Amplitube Mobile

Amplitube CS is somewhere in between the aforementioned two, being very flexible and tweakable but still easy to get a good tone without a lot of fuss. Also includes lots of effects, and the modular design allows you to buy only what you need and try anything before you commit the cash.

The mobile version is a little more limited but is one of the best mobile amp sims on the market. Includes cool features like in-app purchases for more amps, cabs, and effects, a speed trainer for learning songs from mp3, and the ability to have up to four effects running simultaneously.

I hope to do some more scientific shootouts in the future, but for the time being, I hope this helps you decide which sim suits you best.

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