The Haunted’s Ola Englund Wants to Show You How He Programs Drums with EZ Drummer 2

I guess Ola Englund decided he’s too damn handsome and needed to ugly himself up. He wants you focused on the content he has to share with you, not his Swedish good looks. Hence that filter. But then he drops it when he puts baby his cam in the corner and gets to work, which makes me feel like it was all for nothing. Come on man, if you’re going to go freaky then follow through.


Anyway, Ola is a Toontrack user, and since the company’s new EZ Drummer 2 software came out yesterday it’s an apt time for them to show you some of the features. And people pay attention to Ola Englund, so smart choices all around, guys.

The video mainly focuses on beat creation. Personally for myself, programming from scratch is half the fun, but it can kill your workflow when you just want to riff. So the new “Tap 2 Play” (must resist urge to kill people who use “2” in lieu of “to”) feature allows you to mouse the outline of a beat, and then the software brings up some finished ones that closely match it. And then you can still tweak those to get a splash of your creative juices in there.

I’m a little more frightened of the whole “why not try out these suggested beats for your chorus and bridge” feature, because it’s a little too much Skynet in my musical blue sky, but again, some folks just want to be guitarists. What do you think?

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