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ToonTrack's Metal Month rolls on, and Ola's rollin' on the Rivers of Nihil.

A gift from the metal pantheon on high.

The Machine Head/Trivium/Napalm Death/etc. producer has his own expansion pack for EZ Drummer 2.

You know how in Bill and Ted they wrote a song good enough to bring the planets into perfect alignment,

Toontrack just released a demo version for the drum curious or wallet stingy.

Promote your endorsed software and avoid pissing off your neighbors in the process. Two birds, buddies.

And in the process terrify you with whatever filter is on his face.

You could keep playing EZ Drummer 1, but you don't want to be caught dead with software that isn't evenly

A Q&A with the man behind all of the beats and fills of Toontrack's new Metal! Midi software.

...and a cable.... and his hands.... and maybe he used a hardware tuner?

If you didn't watch the studio half of that video over and over hoping you could one day spend fifty

The best November event that doesn't ask you to grow an ironic mustache.