Toontrack’s Metal Month Returns this November

Your October hasn’t been so hot, buddy. Government shutdown, unseasonably cold weather, I’ve been taking naked photos of you while you sleep, and it seems like every time you try to plug in a usb cable it’s always upside down, every single time. Seriously, what the hell? You need something to pick you up.


Well if you like programming drums and/or Soilwork, your life is back on the up and up. Toontrack, the 800-pound Swedish gorilla of digital percussion (as well as other software and DAW plugins), has claimed the month of November as their own. They can do that.

Toontrack makes plugins like Superior Drummer and Beat Detective, which you may remember from such records as, well, it’d probably take less time to name recent metal albums that they aren’t on. Superior Drummer (and its little sibling EZ Drummer) function as full drum machines or as sound replacers for an actual drum performance. The only pieces of gear more common in the path from a drum set to your ears are a Shure SM57 and Pro Tools.

Now Toontrack are triggering some events and promotions into the month of November. It starts with a livesteam of a Soilwork show at Tunetrack’s website on November 1st at 11pm CET (that’s Sweden’s time zone, by the way, 6 hours later than New York), but that’s only the stick hits to kick things off. I don’t have details yet, but the company will be announcing eight new products, which Gear Gods will of course be covering. Stay tuned.

Get involved in the promotion and maybe with some free stuff here.

If you live in Sweeden and want to get tickets to the Soilwork show, you can do so here.

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