May 2014

Tolkien is still rolling over in his grave that there's no 9-string version.

Bonus: two full kit rundowns and his views on sound replacement.

Choice is a fine thing. So whether guitars, bass, or drums are your thing, we have the playthrough for you.

Here's some Nick Hipa and co. guitar tracking footage for the band's forthcoming album.

Toontrack just released a demo version for the drum curious or wallet stingy.

Some fans like gear rundowns with actual amps. Others like seeing amp modellers applied in new contexts. And for once,

Without all that weighty self esteem that comes with actually being Ben Koller

Fun Fun Fun til their daddy takes the Shred Sled away

You know, with the character named "Q." Not with pickups. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I've

What we watched while the weekend whiled away.

Between this and that Dream Theater post from a couple days ago, I'm ruminating on the creation of

Take an NYC Big Muff, add a footswtichable midrange section, and you're good to go.

Please do not take Voyager before attempting operating large machinery.