Seymour Duncan: 6 Is a Good Number for Nazgul Pickups

Seymour Duncan just can’t get the number of poles on their Nazgul pickups right. Any Lord of the Rings aficionado knows that the Nazgul, or “ring wraiths,” were nine in total. Yet Seymour Duncan’s Nazgul pickups came in 7 and 8 string varieties. At least 7 was the number of rings given to the dwarf lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. But they didn’t fade into an existence that is neither living nor dead. And 8? What the hell kind of number is 8?


Now Duncan continues to not release a 9-string version. Nope, it’s 6 this time. Sure the 6-string Nazgul may sound great, but I was hoping that given the choice between good tone and literary accuracy, their designers would have made the right choice.

Also available in 6-string are the Sentient and Pegasus pickups. And while most characters in LotR are sentient, there’s not a flying horse to be found. So let’s call that one a wash.

6-String specifications:

  • Pegasus: DCR – 12.5k, Res Peak – 5.18kHz
  • Nazgul: DCR – 13.6k, Res Peak – 4.75kHz
  • Sentient: DCR – 7.74k, Res Peak – 6.53kHz

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