Are You up to “The Challenger” of Danny Walker’s Isolated Drum Tracks?

Intronaut‘s The Challenger is a deep cut from the band’s catalog. It contains only 3 original songs, plus a host of live material and a remix. But those 3 tracks are intro-nuts, some of the best material the band has produced.


If you want to get a new perspective on the drum tracks, Sick Drummer has an “Isolating the Throne” feature which showcases the raw (or raw-ish, since it sounds like there’s at least some gates and EQ on there, but I could be wrong) audio from Danny Walker’s performance of the title track.

Also of note are two kit breakdowns: one of his gear at the time pre-endorsement, and also his current DW/Meinl/Aquarian/Vic Firth configuration. Plus there’s a description of the microphones used, and an interview that among other things highlights Danny Walkers views on sound replacement.

I think it depends on what kind of gig I’m doing. If it’s death metal / grindcore or simply just faster stuff, I am definitely in favor of triggering and or sound replacing the kick drum. With such intricate patterns being played, it just needs that extra boost and cut. As far as snare and toms being replaced, you got to be out of your mind! These are such expressive parts of the drum set and should NEVER be replaced. There really is just no excuse. I don’t sound replace the snare or toms.

So enjoy the audio/visual/mixed-media experience below, and head over to Sick Drummer for more info.

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