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"A Part" and "Apart" are not the same thing.

"Quick Shreds" on one of Intronaut guitarist's custom instruments.

Check out some live drum-cam footage from their current tour with Between the Buried and Me.

Dunable? I never have.

Polyrhythmic prog-metal masters are back at work.

We check in with the drum-auteur behind Intronaut, Murder Construct, Cloudkicker, and more.

I'm trying to figure out the naming connection between a Gibson explorer and R2D2, but I'm at a loss.

Intronaut guitarist/vocalist teases his new line of basses to go with his Moonflower and Yarnhawk guitar models.

The rumors are true: the live Cloudkicker and Intronaut is a real thing.

DW has some kind of love affair going on with GoPro, making a big deal out of the fact that

Bonus: two full kit rundowns and his views on sound replacement.

I hope you've caught this tour, because you many never get a chance for live Cloudkicker again.

The aptly named Dunable Custom guitars is open and all official-like. They have a website and everything.