In(tronaut) News, Sacha Dunable Now Builds Custom Bass Guitars

Sacha Dunable, guitarist and singer of Intronaut, certainly keeps busy. In addition to being a member of a band who has grown into one of the finest metal acts of our generation, he also finds time to run his own custom guitar company, Dunable Guitars. Although the company kicked into high gear earlier this year, Sacha has actually been building guitars for quite a while (read Gear Gods’ interview with him about that, conducted right around the time of our launch last year here!). Now that he’s got got his own imprint and brand, it’s exciting to see a bunch of artist backers like High on Fire, the Atlas Moth, and Deafheaven start to jock his gear.


Dunable Guitars has just released a new promo video highlighting their line of instruments, which at this point consists of two main six string designs, the Moonflower and Yarnhawk. A nice recent development is that Dunable Guitars is now also rolling out basses after designing a model with Jeff Matz from High on Fire, which are also highlighted in the video below. Everybody’s really hot on Bare Knuckle pickups these days (and every Dunable guitar comes equipped with a set) but I’ve actually only heard them live when I saw Intronaut in the Spring. Is anybody here a big fan?

Speaking of Intronaut, they just put out Live with Cloudkicker, a live album they recorded while in tour with…Cloudkicker. Stream it here.

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