Get Subsumed By Nautkicker In This Live Album Teaser

I sincerely hope ya’ll made it out to see Ben Sharp, d/b/a Cloudkicker, finally tour his long-running hobby/studio/band project with Intronaut last spring (collectively d/b/a Nautkicker). If you were lucky to catch a show, I imagine you’ll remember for quite a while how special it was. I’ve only really seen a few live bands in my life where I feel like I’ve truly felt that sort of special heaviness – you know, the kind that only bands like the Melvins, Sleep, Dillinger, etc. can produce. Special bands.


If you did miss it, fret not. During the tour, Nautkicker made a stop at The Fathom Tree recording studio in Austin, Texas, to lay down their set, live. See below for the first promotional playthrough, live video, and I guess teaser trailer for the track “Subsume,” off Live With Intronaut. If this tune is any indication, the album will be a fine representation of the power that those shows had. Century Media will release the tape on November 24th.

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