Intronaut Guitarist/Vocalist Sacha Dunable Launched His Own Line of Guitars

If you’ve caught Intronaut live, or perhaps on video provided by Gear Gods, then you may have been admiring the fancy vintage vibe/modern freshness of the band’s guitars. But did you know that the band’s co-guitarist/co-vocalist/co-really tall dude Sacha Dunable builds those suckers with his bare hands (…well, and “some specialized tools”)? Lo, on this fine Easter Sunday, Dunable Custom Guitars has risen. You’re reading this on a Monday though, so my apologies for the tardiness.


Everyone notices the knobs first. They’re pretty sweet. They kind of make me want to scroll through UHF channels. To quote the comments section of our Intronaut interview a few months back: “Where do I get those knobs?” Well, now you know.

There are two base models available, the Yarnhawk, a vaguely Strat-meets-SG design, and the Moonflower, which is similar to a double cutaway Les Paul or PRS in shape. Personally I think I’m more of a Yarnhawk kind of guy. Of course these are custom guitars so if you want to shake things up, change the wood from mahogany to ash or walnut, ask for a different finish, even stretch them out into a 7 or 8 string, go for it. It’s your day, buddy. You’ve earned this.

Give a watch to the video below, and if you want to get more info or place an order, head to Dunable’s website.

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