Danny Walker Lets Loose for DW, Polyrhythms Ensue

DW has some kind of love affair going on with GoPro, making a big deal out of the fact that it’s the model of camera used on all of the jam footage that the drum manufacturer has been uploading lately. Nothing against GoPro: I think they’re great cameras. But I just care about the drums, man. And Danny Walker’s drumming in particular.


You see, Danny Walker has been a busy man. He has his usual work in Intronaut and his semi-regular grinding in Murder Contruct. He’s recently performed or recorded with Job For a Cowboy, Phobia, the Death to All tour, and so much more. But what was the most monumental moment of his drumming career?

Obviously it was this improv session. It was the moment that the world joined together as one and said, “you know what, fuck guitars man. Just let this guy groove. For once I can hear every smooth ghost note, and really focus on his latiny-fusiony vibe.”

Plus maybe you can jam along to him. On a guitar. Because guitars are awesome.

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  • My favorite drummer of this generation by far, I only wish I could hear him in another band with the dynamics Intronaut posesses.

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