Dunable Guitars, run by Sacha Dunable (guitarist of Intronaut, Future Usses) is, as you might have suspected, a guitar company! But sometimes it’s important to explore new territory, and that is exactly what the Los Angeles-based company has done, as they’ve just released their very first guitar effects pedal the Splatterblaster! The 2-in-1 effects pedal is half classic superfuzz, half ornery distortion, and has a plethora of sick features that make it a clear standout amongst other similar pedals. Check out the sweet demo video above via the Chicago Music Exchange.

About the pedal, Dunable Guitars had this to say:

“We believe in addition to being the most brutal-sounding pedal ever made, this pedal is also one of the most unique. This is an all analog, dual fuzz and distortion pedal, capable of running two independent circuits in either parallel to one output, or separately into two outputs. This creates many routing possibilities that were previously not possible from just one pedal, and endless sounds, especially combined with other effects. The option to blend a clean signal with either side makes it equally as useful on guitar or bass. The “Splatter” side is based on a classic superfuzz circuit, with an added boost, and the “Blast” side is an ornery distortion, not unlike a classic pedal heard on everything from classic shoegaze albums, to Stockholm-based death metal, to Pink Floyd guitar solos.”

While they may currently be sold out (the run was limited to 20 available exclusively through the Chicago Music Exchange), it’s definitely worth your time to keep an eye out for these babies in the future, because according to Dunable, this is just the first of many pedals yet to come. Here’s to more splattering and blasting!

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