Wovenwar (ex-As I Lay Dying) Film Themselves As They Lay Recording (without the Laying)

Not every piece of news regarding the ex-As I Lay Dying guys has to revolve around tragedy and the iron law. There’s sunshine and rainbows if you just know where to look. Specifically, the direction of the members of the band who aren’t named Tim Lambesis. Because what do you do when your frontman is accused of a heinous crime? You pull a Gaza and rename your band once you hire a new vocalist. Goodbye As I Lay Dying. Hello Wovenwar.


So, Wovenwar, how’s it going? You recording any albums or anything? Sweet, I thought so. Oh, it’s coming out this summer? That’s great to hear. I don’t suppose you have some sick in-studio footage of that dreamy Nick Hipa laying down all kinds of riffs? You don’t say…


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