Until July 8th Eventide Is Giving Away the Ultra Channel Plug-In for Free, for Some Reason

I just thought I’d pass this on because usually Eventide gear and software ain’t cheap. You’ve struggled to afford some of it but things just don’t seem to go your way. But now your luck is changing and you might just get one over on your cruel mistress named life.


Until the far future date of July 8th, at midnight for maximum ominousness, Eventide is giving away free licenses to their Ultra Channel plug-in. It’s a helluva versatile virtualized piece of kit: parametric eq, micro pitch, compression, gate, and stereo delay. Now I should point out that there’s no RTAS version, so if you’re using Pro Tools LE then this isn’t your day. But if your DAW can run AU, VST, or AAX64 plugins then you’re good to go. Head to this location and use the promo code 0F736710.

Source: Pro Tools Expert

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