The Guitar Wing – Good News For Control Freaks

Man, it seems like this week is all about adding some kind of nifty controller to your guitar (or bass) to expand its sonic possibilities. Today in nifty devices, it’s the Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments. Aptly named, it attaches to the lower bout of your guitar and looks a bit like a wing (although with only one wing you’ll be flying in musical circles for sure) and it can be used to control almost anything.


That’s right, anything that speaks MIDI can be controlled with this thing. You can use it as a transport for your DAW, a trigger for 808 drops or samples, change and control/express patches on your Axe Fx, use it as a drum pad, or use it to control any effects in realtime in pretty much any program/app/plugin imaginable. And it’s all right there, literally at your fingertips. Oh, and it’s wireless.

This little wing can be had direct from Livid for $199.99 American.

Observe it’s usage in the wild by Moldover (he’s a guy who does stuff):

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  • It’s pretty good as an alternative to pedals but I really don’t see the advantages of using it.

    • You have to bend over if you want to adjust your pedal in the middle of a song

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