5 Holiday Gifts Under $75 for the Metal Drummer You Love Put up With

Drums have a reputation for being big. That’s because they’re, well… yeah they’re pretty large. But that’s only when you look at the kit in its entirety, at a macro level. But that doesn’t mean that each component is expensive. If you want to give a musical present to that special drummer making a din in your life, there are plenty of tiny, very giftable components comprising that intimidating drumset. So let’s take a look at where the opportunity lies.



Blower Fans


Drumming is sweaty business, but not a lot of drummers put thought into their fan setup like they do the rest of their kit. A circular fan really doesn’t have the efficiency, and the ones that are powerful enough tend to be quite large. But a blower fan? It’s powerful, very portable, far more durable, and the directional output can be pointed at the angle of your choosing. And those two courtesy AC outlets? Just a bonus.

Lasko Pro Performance Blower Fan | $68.28 on Amazon
Stanley High-Velocity Blower Fan | $63.99 on Amazon


Boom Arms and Cymbal Stackers


It’s said that you can never have too many cymbals, but conversely it’s entirely possible to have not enough cymbal stands. But a stacker or an extra arm to extend off of what you’ve already got? That’s making the most of your resources.

DW 6-Inch Cymbal Stacker | $19.99 on Amazon
Gibraltar Boom Cymbal Stacker | $30.17 on Amazon
Meinl Cymbal Attachment with Short Boom Arm | $39.99 on Amazon
Gibraltar Long Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp | $28.72 on Amazon


Effects Cymbals

holiday-drum-guide-effects cymbal-alt

Let’s jump to the other end of the spectrum: impractical and fun. A great way to breathe new life into an old kit, or beat, is to throw a new element into the equation. An inexpensive effect cymbal is the most inexpensive way to do so. They’re not musically useful very often, but when used tastefully a small effects cymbal is a killer addition to the drumset.

Meinl 8″ Traditional High Bell | $60.04 on Amazon
Dream 10″ Pang Cymbal | $63.13 on Amazon
Meinl 8″ Drumbal | $39.99 on Amazon
Paiste 2002 8″ Accent Cymbal | $42.50 on Amazon
Wuhan 12″ China | $23.79 on Amazon

Quick-Release Cymbal Locks


Dealing with wing nuts is the worst. So here’s an idea: let’s never bother with them again.

Trick Drums Cymbal Quick Release | $17.99 on Amazon
Vater Slick Nut | $8.56 on Amazon
Tama Quick Set Cymbal Mate 4-Pack | $25.50 on Amazon


New Sticks and Heads


I know, this is one of those boring ones. But trust me, while sticks and heads may be the more safe option, drummers always need more, and more, and more. They break and wear down far too easily and each new purchase is a blow to the wallet. While other gifts may be more interesting or exciting, these will likely be the most appreciated. You may have to do some Sherlock Holmesing to figure out which brand and model they use though. Here are some common and well loved ones.

Pro Mark American Hickory 5B (6-Pack) | $46.99 on Amazon
Vater American Hickor 5A (4-Pack) | $25.99 on Amazon
Remo Ambassador 14″ Coated Snare Head (3-Pack) | $35.99 on Amazon
Evans G2 Clear Tompack Fusion (10″, 12″, 14″) | $28.05 on Amazon
Evans G2 Clear Tompack Standard (12″, 13″, 16″)| $29.99 on Amazon

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