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Definitely gonna be some vultures flying around this kit

"His nimbly precise prowess pretty much solidifies that BTBAM solidly grasps the mantle of contemporary progressive metal."

Big and Ugly? More like Big and Foxy!

I'm pretty sure these guys have PhDs in advanced mad scientist-ing.

You're on a roll with your shopping, so why not snare your fill of hits. Paradiddle.

At War With Reality is coming soon, but that won't stop you from listening to the drums. That's because nothing

An innovative stick bag? Sure, why not?

Four cymbals in the AA and AAX line that were chosen by Sabian fans in a contest.

Pete Webber and Co. are pushing the boundaries. Can a playthrough be a rig rundown? Can a playthrough be TWO

An interview concerning all things percussive, including how to make your drums scale such a massive wall of guitars.