Havok Are the True Innovators of the Drum Cam Scene

I post a lot of drum cam videos: a couple per week, usually. It’s the kind of thing I do half asleep, still dreaming of riding a dinosaur in a San Francisco car chase. So it’s with great amazement that this Havok video includes not just one but two great ideas that I personally haven’t seen in my daily drudgery.


For one, after Pete Webber gets done blasting his way through “I Am The State,” you know–the part where you’d expect the video to end, the dudes just say “fuck it” and cut to another playthrough of the same exact song again. Not blasted enough? Get more blasted. Good solution.

Two, at the actual end of the video they just fire off a list of every little piece of gear in Pete’s rig. I’m pretty sure his deodorant and dental floss are included. It’s pretty comprehensive. This feature is especially useful to me because I didn’t have to go scurrying across the internet to figure out that his weirdo china is a Sabian AA 19″ Holy China. Thanks guys. You just saved me five minutes of my time that I’m about to spend pouring myself a scotch.

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  • nice, I wrap hockey tape around the butt end of my sticks (also vic firth extreme 5Bs)

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