MINDSHIFT’s Fabz Smashes Out “Absolution” Drum Playthrough

Coming out swinging from the melo-death capital of the world Stockholm, Sweden, Mindshift are here to lay waste to your ear holes. In this playthrough for their tune “Absolution” taken from their most recent release Horizon out on Eclipse Records, drummer Fabz pummels his kit to pieces. Mixing homegrown influences such as At The Gates and In Flames to muster a fast-paced assault on the listener, they also incorporate a more modern day sound which gives it some added bounce. The result is a heavy, fast and groovy as fuck number completely encompassed with Gothenburg vibes.


Fabz (probably the most metal name ever) plays a Tama Star Classic Bubinga Birch kit fitted with Evans Drumheads with a variety of Sabian and Meinl cymbals.

Give it a watch and go check them out.

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