Mark Vincent of THE ARUSHA ACCORD Crushes “Vultures” Drum Playthrough

I have to be honest here: I have never actually heard of The Arusha Accord until just now, and MAN this shit is cool. Also, it sounds very very good. No surprise at all though considering that the dude playing the ol’ skins (Mark Vincent) is a stone-cold killer (ov drums) and the guy mixing it might also be sick at his craft (it’s that guy Nolly.)


This track entitled “Vultures” was taken from The Arusha Accord’s 2018 release Jucacán which you can purchase right fucking here. These guys combine some of my favorite elements of progressive music and fuse it all into one airtight package that really has a sound of its own. It’s like all of the best parts of BTBAM and Dream Theater mixed together with a totally different twist.

Mark Vincent seems to be a pretty busy guy alongside of everything that he is doing with The Arusha Accord. With talent like his, I don’t see how you wouldn’t be able to stay busy! He has a fairly sick website that gives an extensive rundown of all of his equipment as well as means of contacting him in case you are interested in hiring him for session work.

P.S.: The Arusha Accord is from Reading, UK and I am from Reading, PA. Being that both of us come from locations where people constantly mispronounce our homeland as “REEDING” I think a proper *cheers* is in order. Cheers, boys!

Audio Engineered & Mixed by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood.
Video Shot & Edited by Josefa Torres.
Recorded at Middle Farm Studios 2016.

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