BLAKE RICHARDSON of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Plays Through “Blot” – Makes Progressive Metal Look Easy

Not much needs to be said about Blake Richardson’s performance on Between the Buried and Me’s song, “Blot”. His nimbly precise prowess pretty much solidifies that BTBAM solidly grasps the mantle of contemporary progressive metal. His hits throughout the song are tastefully sparse, allowing the rest of the instrumentation to breathe, but when he goes in, he GOES IN. He kicks it up at 3:40, 8:00, and 9:50, and really showcases his ability to create a groove in a compositionally progressive piece.
If this song contained odd time signatures or tempo changes (which I’m sure it did, I just didn’t do a count through), I didn’t really feel them. Maybe you guys can enlighten me and let me know what signatures are being played out in the comments?
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