NAMM 2015 – SABIAN Cymbals


There’s actually really nothing all that ugly about Sabian’s new line of Big and Ugly cymbals, which collects six pretty unique sounding ride cymbals for a variety of sounds. I’ve personally always loved the sound of Sabian and Zildjian rides particularly for jazz and 70’s-style funk, due to their combination of controlled sound and pleasing tones, but many of these particular cymbals are built to cut through washes of sound from distorted electric guitars, with harder music in mind.

These cymbals appear to be designed to go over the top even when you’re grinding on them in hard music settings – as Sabian’s product representative Mark Love described it, they have great “crashability.” I don’t know about you, but I’m incorporating that into my vocabulary. We also got a look at Sabian’s new, classic B8x cymbal series. Enjoy!

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