I love Pallbearer. They’re a bunch of great Arkansas boys who love to play guitars and make cool tunes. They smoke cigs and drink brews and love to talk shop about rigs. Man. That is just the coolest.


Like the rest of the world, we dug Sorrow and Extinction, and are equally excited by their new batch of freshly baked tunes, Foundations of Burden. While I dug Sorrow just fine when I first heard it, seeing the band live was a whole different experience. The first time I saw them, I was so affected, I had to walk out of the venue, sit on the street, and think about nothing for fifteen minutes.

There is an elite cadre of modern groups out there that rock your definition of what “heavy” really is when you see them live – bands like Gojira, Dillinger, Kvelertak, Nails, and of course, Pallbearer. Pallbearer know how to bring the weight, but their performances are also incredibly dynamic. You can credit that to great musicianship and tight performances, and you can also credit that to the band’s obsession with and knowledge of how to use great sounding gear.

We were lucky enough to catch them on night two of their headlining run at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn with Tombs and Vattnet Viskar, and got to spend some time in a basement talking rigs, tones, and riffs – the first time Pallbearer’s rigs have been shown off! Check out the first round of our interviews, with guitarists Brett Campbell and Devin Holt, below:

Check the band’s full set from the show below:

Photo credit: Diana Lee Zadlo

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  • Earthquaker devices really hooked it up

  • Ironically for people dealing with sound… it seems you should invest in a descent mic for the camera.
    Great interviews though don’t get me wrong.

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