Nine Inch Nails Talk Writing, Programming, and Creativity

It should come as no surprise that Soundtoys, a maker of fantastic plugins like the DecapitatorEchoBoy, and more, is used by some bigwigs in the music world. In addition to Trent Reznor and fellow Nine Inch Nail Atticus Ross, Soundtoys counts producers, engineers, and artists like Dave Clarke, Peter Katis, Alan Moulder, Butch Vig, and many more, among its users and consumers.


Lucky for us, the company has launched a new web interview series, Process, in which they get some of these insanely creative and productive people to talk about… their process. First up is Trent and the Nine Inch Nails, who talk about the writing of their 2013 masterpiece, Hesitation Marks. Check it out below:

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